Route – Yorkshire to London Stage 1 of Yorkshire to Santiago.

The overall plan has evolved or to paraphrase a military expression ‘didn’t survive its first contact’ in this case not the enemy but the interminable and seemingly never ending rain. Wettest Autumn and now wettest February has left a chunk of South and East Yorkshire super sodden with little chance of drying out in time to walk comfortably across it.

So we are going to set off from Harrogate and the lovely St Peters Church for the first leg of the journey on Easter Sunday. Harrogate to Clifford then to Allerton Bywater A lift from Allerton across the flood plains North of Doncaster to dry land at Thorne and on our way.

We are equipped to self support and wild camp but would prefer to have organised sites in advance. We have been offered some places to stay which will be a lovely chance to have a shower and a comfy bed. The sort of places we hope to be able to put the tent up are land around churches, sports clubs, village halls, pub gardens your back garden. If you are able to give us permission to campin any of these sort of places please get in touch The ? Indicate where we are still looking for a stopping place.

This is the route, the stopping points and the dates we think we will be there.

Set off from Harrogate Easter Sunday 12 April first stop –

Date                 Destination                  Miles/kilometres          Staying

12/04               Clifford                         13.1/21                        Airbnb

13/04               Allerton Bywater          13.9/22.4                     Stay friends

14/04               Crowle & Ealand           10.4/16.7                     Campsite booked

15/04               Owston Ferry                10.2/16                        ?

16/04               Gainsborough               9.5/15.3                       ?

17/04               Stow                            8.8/14.2                       Possibly StowMinster   

18/04               Lincoln                         9.7/15.7                       ?

19/04               Lincoln Rest Day                                               ?

20/04               Navenby                       10.2/16.5                     St Peters

21/04               Ancaster                       9.9/16                          Campsite booked

22/04               Ingoldsby                     10.2/16.4                     ?

23/04               Little Bytham               10/16                           ?

24/04               Stamford                      10.2/16.4                     Airbnb booked

25/04               Rest Day Stamford                                            Airbnb

26/04               Rest Day Stamford                                            Airbnb

27/04               Fotheringhay                11.9/19                        ?

28/04               Old Weston                  12.3/19.8                     ?

29/04               Kimbolton                    8.6/13                          ?

30/04               St Neots                       9.5/15.3                       ?

01/05               Biggleswade                 12/19.3                        ?

02/05               Baldock                        11.3/18.2                     Wade

03/05               Rest Day Baldock                                              ?

04/05               Watton at Stone           10.7/17.2                     ?

05/05               Broxbourne                  12.6/20.3                     ?

06/07               Lee Vally Camping        9.8/15.8                       ?

07/07               Southwark Cathedral    10.8/17.4

Finish UK leg                                         235.5/379

11/05               BA Gatwick-Bilbao

12/05               Zarutze Start Camino del Norté to Santiago 490/ 789k to 

Tot 725/1167

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